Chase Subordination turn times 6 weeks+

There is no other way to put it other than the turn times for subordinations at JP Morgan Chase Bank is absurdly long.   Lynlee was in contact with Chase regarding our pipeline and they are working on subordinations placed the 2nd week of November!

I called yesterday, Dec. 29th, and confirmed this.  However, they did indicate that they were working to move them along quicker.    We will see.

Happy New Year everyone.   We appreciate your business and are working to continue providing the very best in serving your subordination needs.

– Nationwide Subordination Staff


  1. Ralph A Cushna says:

    Working on a refinance but my lender tells me it will take 6 weeks for a subordination! If that is true my appraisal on my home will run out and I will have to pay for a new one. I really cannot afford another $300/$350 and then all the time this will take. How do you get help in a situation like this?

  2. Hi Ralph, thanks for your question this morning.

    Unfortunately, this is a great conundrum with people who are refinancing today with 2nd mortgages that need subordinations to proceed. Many borrowers are having to re-lock loan interest rates, pay to update appraisals that exceed the “no older than 90 day” threshold many lenders adhere to and then wait until the lender responds. Chase is by far, based upon our experience, the slowest to respond, but they also have huge volume due to their own loans and acquisition of giant Washington Mutual that was heavily involved with 2nd mortgages.

    Please let us know if we can help further.

    -Nationwide Subordination Staff

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