Bank of America subordination department: guidelines

Updated & Revised April 28th, 2011

The general guidelines for Bank of America rate/term subordination (contact us for FHA/VA streamline guidelines):

  • For a complete list and up- to- date requirements, please use the “order checklist” button to the right.


  1. Mr. Pouliot says:

    I HAVE NEVER had such a run around and POOR communications with ANY ONE in the industry, and I have been a Mtg Broker for over 17 years. I suggest ANY ONE thinking about using Bank of America for anything, DON’T! Ecspecially if you are going to deal with a subordination agreement. The poor girls that answer the phone are polite but, beyond that they are USELESS!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Banks do not always work with the urgency or competence we would like. Thus, that is why people use Nationwide Subordinations for their subordination processing. We insulate you from the nonsense.


    Nationwide Subordination Support Staff

  3. What in the world is Bank of America doing? I have to fax my request in – just to get the blank Subordination package that tells me how to order a Subordination — AND THAT TAKES 10 BUSINESS DAYS TO GENERATE?? What kind of stupid set up is that?? I have spent hours being transfered from dept to dept – none of which can help me. Every single person apologizes that they don’t know how to help me. Apparently, once the completed subordination package is received by BofA — they require minimum 30 days to process the request.

    I did learn that if you request an escalation (or the original blank package request) – they’re supposed to respond to that within 48 hrs.

    Anyone looking to refi…and subordinate their BofA 2nd — better start the subordination process a month before you start the new loan!

  4. I’ve just been through the same thing. Bank of America SUCKS. They approved mine but for $2000 less, which means $2k out of my pocket, I mean what do they care about refinancing my first mortgage? Customer service tells me they have no number for that department and they can’t help me, they just tell me crap I already know.

    I was only going to refi my first mortgage, but now I think i’ll combine this small 2nd mortgage loan and to hell with BoA. This is not the first time I’ve had issues with this bank.. i’ve had checking accts and credit cards with them in the past, worst bank ever.. those accounts were closed long ago.

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