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From the Blog: HARP Loans & Subordinations

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and Subordinations

HARP approved first loan with a Subordination:  Subordinating lender approval is not always granted. To the surprise of many lending professionals becoming familiar with the newly released guidelines for what many have coined as HARP 2.0,  they are learning … [Read More...]

Recent Subordination Turn Times (large lenders)

Updated Sept. 21, 2015:

Note: These are not indicative of ALL subordinations and is subject to change. Turn times are coming sooner due to slow refinance volume at this time.

Green Tree - 21 business days

GMAC - 13-15 business days on average

PNC/National City - under 10 business days

Chase Bank - about a full business week

Bank of America - 10 business days on average -

Wells Fargo - up to 7 business days

Top Ten reasons why pro’s use our service

1) Support is outstanding (see #10 below)

2) We deal with the subordinating lender, not you. - time saver

3) A support member assigned to you from day one to completion

4) Fees: All fees can be paid online - time saver, speeds approval time. No more asking clients to go to their bank for cashiers checks. Fed Ex delivery of subordination is included,unless otherwise stated.

5) YTD: 40% success rate in turning declines into approvals - very respectable

6) Pre-audit files for accuracy and potential response - saves time, saves lost money when we tell you upfront it may not work

7) 24/7 Checklist delivery. Lender not listed? Ask us and we'll fetch it for you. Tons of people love this!

8) Common to get information even over weekends

9) Testimonials are ALL unsolicited

10) Exceptionally high caliber staff and experienced - you are not dealing with run of the mill customer service rep's who tell you status reports and that's it. We know refinance work and are involved in real estate transactions and refinance and subordination closings DAILY.

11) No charge for extra reason: We work as a Fiduciary which means our GOAL is to get your subordination approved

Our Fans (who value collaboration and great service)

August 15th, 2011 - (on resolving a last minute issue) "Fantastic!! I can't thank you enough!!! - Julie G, Bank of America

May 26th, 2011 - "Thanks again for all your help and correspondence. That has been the toughest part of these subordinations from some places and you were great to work with!" - Denise G., Eastwood Bank, MN.

April 18th, 2011 - "This is the best service I have ever come across." - Deb. R. - Bank of America, IL.

March 18th 2011- "You have been absolutely awesome!!! I can't thank you enough. Your constant communication and updates have been absolutely awesome. Your continued efforts have been so much appreciated! - Joanne, First Choice Bank

Feb.10, 2011- Thank you for all your help and cooperation. It has been a pleasure working with all of you!"- Lerris at Metro National Bank